The Sisyphos Project

„The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” That is what Albert Camus wrote in his 1942 essay The myth of Sisyphos. Existence is brought back to the hopeless absurdity of a search for a meaning. We live in a time in which populism is growing, a time where a deep confrontation with complex problems is avoided and instead simplified statements are preferred. This is evident in all facets of life, even in music, which is often reduced to a harmless beauty which is not allowed to disturb us. The Ensemble Volans was founded in 2015 and has devoted itself, through the interpretation of contemporary music, to all sounds, the beautiful ones but also the oblique ones. Through this it’s “existence becomes an act of rebellion”, to quote Camus.

The Sisyphos Project is based on these ideas and combines contemporary music, dance theater and video art. The main characters are Sisyphos, portrayed by cellist Michael Heupel and the Danaides, portrayed by the dancer Charlotte Virgile. The musicians of the Ensemble Volans move creating an soundscape not only in front but also between the audience which is also called to participate actively in the performance by mimicking the pulse the musicians give them.

In three acts:
I Der alte Gipfel Die Wasserwelt der Danaiden
II Die Verspottung der Götter Die Steinwelt des Sisyphos
III Der Sinn des Lebens Die Auflösung
Komposition: Shiwen Wang
Tanz: Charlotte Virgile
Solist: Michael Heupel
Ensemble Volans

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