The cello and the river

How can a tree be transformed into a musical instrument? What is a cello and which sounds can it produce? Cellist Michael Heupel answers these and many more questions in an interactive presentation for children of any age. The children come in contact with a 300 year old instrument, built in 1723, and learn its story.

An integral part of this story is Johann Sebastian Bach, whose 6 suites for solo cello are the first works for cello without accompaniment and maybe the most important. How can a musician today play a music that is already 300 years old? This question is to be answered by the children themselves, by creating a musical interpretation as a group.


Pierrot, the moon and Debussy's cello sonata

According to cellist Louis Rosoor, Debussy's cello sonata had the subtitle "Pierrot fâcé avec la lune" (Pierrot is angry at the moon) before it was first published. In that case this sonata is at the same time a musical fairy tale. The musicians, cellist Michael Heupel and his pianist, explain how one can create a sonata out of a fairy tale and even the other way around. In doing so, they excite the children's imagination and create interesting and playful associations with the world of music.


Noise - Sound - Music!

In this presentation the ensemble Volans gives children the opportunity to come in contact with the unknown world of contemporary classical music. The main goal is for the children to experience new music and not just listen to it. Through the interactive character of the presentation the children have the opportunity to come in contact with the musicians as well as to create a composition themselves, as a collective project.